Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PAL Board Meeting held April 1, 2009

Springfest Volunteers/Planning:   Springfest and the Plainfield High School Senor Art Exhibit occurs over the weekend of May 15-17.   Installation of  Student Exhibit will be Thursday May 14th.   On Saturday and Sunday, 5/16 and 5/17, PAL will have a tent opposite the kids' rides in the park on Des Plaines Street.  Volunteers will be needed for face painting.   Christine Kohn will manage the face painting.  A PAL general brochure will be created and produced for hand out at the tent and at the gallery.  

Committee Chairs:   Along with PAL officers, more committee chairs are needed to insure PAL growth and leadership.  These include:

    Program planning (primarily lining up demo artists)
    Managing classes and instructors (recruiting, scheduling, communicating with Promotions Chair)
    PAL has received requests for classes in pastels, life drawing, and children's drawing classes.
    Promotions and communications
    Fund raising and sponsorship
Nominating Committee presented a slate of proposed officers and directors for the 2009-2010 year.  The Executive Board slate of officers is Sheryl Jones - President, Christine Kohn - Secretary, Mike Bessler-Treasurer.  The office of Vice President is open.   Continuing board members are Cheryl Carman  (Hospitality), Joe Hadamik  (Artist at Large), Mike Bessler  (Webmaster), and Tina Storey (Exhibits).  Board nominees are Al Tampa, Barb Tampa, and Leif Rogers.
A proposal for Handling Institutional Memberships  (where several individuals are members of the member institution) was discussed.  It was decided that rather than set a new membership fee for institutions in general, PAL will offer teachers from Plainfield's District 202 annual memberships at  the  Student Rate of $20.

Credit Card / Paypal Use: PAL now accepts credit cards for payment of membership dues and to sign up for classes and workshops and can be paid online on PAL's website.   The issues that were addressed included: (1) calculation of the PayPal transaction fees; (2) approving the forms for members to pay online for PAL membership and for class registrations; (3) procedure for instructors to accept completed credit card information forms to register for classes; (4) method to advise instructors of paid registrations for classes.

AFA Art Show Booth:  July 25-26 event at the Peabody Estate will be entered only with volunteers to manage booth.  Appeals for volunteers will be made at monthly meetings.  

Ottawa Art League Request to exchange and post information regarding art events and opportunities was approved.  Both PAL and OAL will post links to the other's websites.  After discussion, it was decided that links to other AFA member art leagues would be posted.

Volunteer Hours of service requirement for members.  After discussion a resolution was adopted.  Resolved, that PAL members are expected to volunteer a total of 6 hours of service to PAL over a year's membership.  Note of the requirement will be added to Membership Application and Renewal that "members are expected to volunteer for a total of 6 hours over the membership year.  Board membership satisfies the requirement."   

A Gallery Clean Up Day will be organized for April 18 to add to wall hanging system, stabilize shelf units, and do general cleaning.

Email "Subscribers"  who have attended classes but are not members should have right to "unsubscribe."  A note will be added to class registration forms to accept or decline email notices from PAL.

Fundraiser Proposal for a plein aire "Paint Out" in September or October 2009.  Sunday of the Labor Day weekend was discussed as a possible event day with the Village Park across from the gallery as the site.  To reserve the park for the day, the event would be run in conjunction with the Plainfield Park District.