Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Plainfield Art League and Plainfield Township Joint Press Release



The Plainfield Art League and Plainfield Township are proud to announce that the work of eight members of the Plainfield Art League is currently on exhibit at the Plainfield Township building located at 22525 W. Lockport Road in Plainfield. 


The exhibit is comprised of 30 works including pottery, photography and paintings done in watercolor and oil.  All of the pieces are available for sale.


"The quality of the artwork is outstanding.  There is so much talent right here in Plainfield Township," said Township Administrative Assistant Monika McMillen.


The exhibit will be up through the end of May.  At the end of May, new art pieces will be hung throughout the Township's administrative offices.  We encourage you to come visit the Township building during our normal business hours of 8am to 4pm to take a look at this fine art.


For more information on the exhibit or the Plainfield Art League, please contact:


Sheryl Jones

President, Plainfield Art League





Monika McMillen

Administrative Assistant, Plainfield Township


(Note: Photos of the artwork on exhibit are available from Sheryl or Monika upon request.)
Plainfield Art League
24114 W Chicago St
Plainfield, IL 60544

Monday, March 16, 2009

ARTWORKS Gerardo Valerio Trigueros

March 15, 2009

Imagine the time it would take to paint the hair of 15 lions, strand by strand?

Yet it is time happily spent for Gerardo Valerio Trigueros, winner of multinational honors and awards during his 38-year career. He says he uses his paintbrushes to fight for the preservation of ecology, especially endangered wildlife.

"I work 12 to 18 hours a day and that is still not enough time for me to finish projects," Trigueros said. "I will need another two lives for me to finish the projects in my brain."

On March 28 and 29, Trigueros will host a two-day painting workshop at the Plainfield Art League. There, he will provide his students "recipes" for creating whatever subject matter they desire.

"I don't see myself as a teacher or a professor or a master. I'm a helper," Trigueros said. "Through my experiences I help my students develop many things that they had only dreamed to do. I think it's important for everybody to find their own subject."

Last summer, Trigueros won Best Painting at the Joliet Festival of the Arts.

Trigueros' interest in wildlife was fostered by his grandfather, Dr. Manuel Valerio, biologist, entomologist and naturalistic studies professor, who often sent the young Trigueros and Trigueros' father into the Costa Rican rainforest to collect specimens for his studies.

Then, at age 9, Trigueros officially became recognized as an artist when he won a contest with his drawing of Costa Rican ex-president Jesus Jimenez.

Later, at the University of Costa Rica, Trigueros excelled in art, including drawing, painting, sculpture, xylography (wood engraving) and engraving. He graduated with a bachelor's degree.

"I decided to paint animals in their environment and all my colleagues told me that I would die of starvation," Trigueros said. "At that time, no one in my country talked about the environment. Many times when I was starving I thought about quitting, but through the years I began to understand the passion I had for the work. It's a matter of love and of patience."

Trigueros creates artwork in two styles -- hyperrealistic and abstract -- and employs a variety of mediums to accomplish it. He paints in acrylic, oil and watercolor. He also creates sculpted pieces and pencil drawings and works in pastel.

His paintings are exhibited in the Costa Rican presidential palace and in government collections.

Others are on permanent exhibition at the Ministry of Education, Nature and Energy, Justice and Grace and in the collections of the National Bank of Costa Rica and University for Peace.

For more information, visit

Friday, March 13, 2009

Chroma painting event at Plainfield Art League April 15, 2009

Atelier Interactive Professional Artists' Acrylics offer a truly unique and different acrylic formulation.  In 2003, by rethinking the typical acrylic formulation methods, Jim Cobb - Artist, Educator and Paintmaker - designed an acrylic paint so revolutionary it now has a patent pending.

With Atelier Interactive Professional Artists' Acrylics, the artist controls the open time. Work can be done wet-in-wet by adding more moisture with a fine mist spray. Work can be done wet-over-dry by simply not adding moisture. One acrylic paint offers it all . . . . the benefit of a longer open time, and the convenience of rapid drying!

You can experience Atelier Interactive yourself and discover how it can transform your painting process. Be inspired by the ability to double your techniques!

A Chroma artist will introduce the product, speak to its features and benefits, and then get the attendees to begin painting. The Chroma artist facilitating the event will be available for questions and comment. This event is designed to be interactive and fun - giving us the opportunity to introduce the product and get people excited. Support materials include presentation boards and printed collateral. Chroma will supply the paint and mediums necessary. The attendees will supply their own surfaces, brushes, and associated materials.


  • Event Type: Workshop
  • Brands Used: Atelier Interactive.
  • Painting Styles: Landscape, Portrait, Still Life, Abstract, Nature.
  • Painting Mediums: Acrylic.
  • When: from 15-Apr-2009 to 15-Apr-2009, 6:00pm / 9:00pm
  • Where: Plainfield Art League, 24114 W Chicago St, Plainfield, Illinois 60544 across from the Village Green Park in downtown Plainfield
  • WEST of Rt 59, not east like it shows on some maps
  • Price: $0.00
  • Open to the public

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Herald News - Plainfield Briefs: Painting workshop

March 12, 2009

PLAINFIELD -- Artist Gerardo Valerio Trigueros will host a two-day painting workshop at the Plainfield Art League, 24114 W. Chicago St.

The cost is $250; $50 will go to the art league. Spots must be reserved by Sunday. The balance is due the first day of the workshop.

For more information, call 815-436-4351.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 2009 Board Meeting Minutes

The Board of Directors meeting was attended by directors Mike Bessler, Cheryl Carman, Joe Hadamik, Sheryl Jones, Chairman, Tina Storey, Treasurer, and Christine Kohn, Secretary and by  Jane Scheutz, a PAL member with experience with exhibiting work of individual artists.

Nominating Committee As required by PAL bylaws, a nominating committee was appointed to select of slate of officers and directors to announced to members at the April demo night.   Christine Kohn and Tina Storey will serve on the committee.


Review of application and agreement for Featured Artist Exhibit.  Proposed draft s of an  application for individual artist s exhibits and the agreement to be signed by the featured artist were circulated to the board members prior  to the meeting.  Comments and changes were discussed including the following:


1.            Title changed from" Individual" to "Featured" artist exhibit to allow for two members to share the allotted exhibit space for an exhibit month if the artists request it. 

2.            Members may exhibit once per year, unless there is no one on the waiting list for a desired month, in which case a member may have a second featured artist exhibit within the year.

3.            Key deposit changed to $25.  Fees for prime and non-prime months were confirmed.

4.            Featured Artists may donate a portion of the proceeds of sales from his or her Featured Artist Exhibit and, if that is the intent , the featured artist is encouraged to advertise that intention by a sign displayed as part of the exhibit. Artists' donations of a percentage of exhibit proceeds will be acknowledged in the PAL Newsletter.

5.            Featured Artist Exhibits will be announced at March demo and opened for applications for the remainder of 2009, with the first Featured Artist Exhibit  beginning April 4, 2009.  In case more than one artist requests the same month, names will be drawn from a hat to determine the featured artist for that month.


Copies of the revised application and agreement are attached.


Miscellaneous Items.


1.            Clock near from door has been replaced.  A bulletin board to be mounted over the water cooler will be donated and the monthly calendar of events will be posted.

2.            Exhibit judges will continue to be recruited as they have been in the past.  There will be only one judge per exhibit.  Judges are not paid a fee.

3.            The coming Renaissance exhibit will be judged by Gary Schirmer and awards will be made at the March 21 Exhibit Reception .

4.            As decided at February meeting, the Exhibit Entry Form has been updated.

5.            A list of March announcements was circulated for comments before being published.


 Discussion of Credit Card / Paypal Use


The possible acceptance of credit cards for payment of membership dues and to sign up for classes and workshops was discussed.  Further discussion will be had pending research into questions. 


1.            For PayPal, the cost is 3.4% of total or roughly $2 per transaction.  There are no monthly fees regardless of usage.  (No Paypal account is necessary in order to use any credit card.) 

2.            Determine how  to handle the $2  transaction fee.  Investigate how Illinois handles: a "handling fee"?

3.            Develop forms for  members to pay online for PAL membership and  class registrations (for submitting  personal info and payment options).

4.            Work out procedures for instructors to accept credit cards for class registrations.

5.            Need bank account information for  PayPal to pay PAL.

6.            If payment made on line, figure out how to indicate what payment is for  (since payment is made on line and the registrations are sent by mail).

7.            Determine how to let instructors know that payment has been received.


PAL Booth at Mayslake Art Fair (Oak Brook) July 25-26   As discussed at the February meeting, each  Art League will be allowed to set up one booth free of charge. A brief discussion of the possible uses of such a booth included having members' work on display   To proceed we need volunteers to manage this as a project and one person to manage the volunteers.  As none of the board members are available to manage the project, a final announcement and call for volunteers will be made at the March 11 demo night.



Submitted by


Christine Kohn, Secretary

March 8, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Artists show off Best of the Best

March 5, 2009

Twenty Plainfield Art League members selected what they consider to be their best pieces for the first Best of the Best exhibit.

The exhibit, which features a variety of mediums including oil, watercolor and colored pencil, will be available for viewing through March 11 at the Plainfield Art League and Gallery.

Although the league regularly features member shows that are open to the public, this show is also the prelude to the Alliance of Fine Arts Best of the Best Show, which opens Sept. 19 at the Mayslake Peabody Estate in Oak Brook.

Because each of the 14 leagues that comprise the alliance can only submit 10 pieces of art to the show, PAL president Sheryl Jones said having their own show is a fun way to narrow down those selections.

"Last January we only had 39 members and we're up to over 60 now," Jones said. "Each member was asked to pick their very favorite piece of art for our show and each member could only enter one piece. Members can vote on their 10 favorite pieces."

Although every member had the opportunity to submit artwork for the PAL show, some, such as some of the students at PAL art classes, chose not to do so. One member who did not participate was Jones herself.

Jones usually does glass work, she said, and has just recently started painting. "I just don't feel I'm ready to exhibit yet," she said.

Nevertheless, the artists represented in this show are a mixture of professional artists accustomed to regularly exhibiting and artists who only occasionally publicly display their work, Jones noted.

This show is a means for the public to see the array of artistic talent that exists in the community.

"I'm astonished at the high caliber of art we're getting," Jones said. "The number of high-quality artists and entries has increased with every exhibit. If you have children, this is a great opportunity to introduce them to art in an accessible way."