Wednesday, July 30, 2014

PAL's July judged Exhibit "Freedom Rings" Winners

Congratulations to our award winners in PAL's judged Exhibit "Freedom Rings" at the District 202's Jon Balke Gallery!  A special thank you to this month's judge, Denise Albright, from Plainfield South, District 202.

Best of Theme:  "Healing Fields of Honor, 2012" - Mike Bessler

Best of Show:  "East River 1912" - Tim Lutrey

First:  "With Bright Shiny Faces" - Amy Turner

Second:  "Simplicity" - Debbie Hart

Third: "White Peony with Red Traces" - Mike Bessler

Thank you to all of our artists who entered - beautiful work everyone!  Our next exhibit will be at the Plainfield Public Library.  Details TBA.

Plainfield Art League
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