Monday, March 15, 2010

Mega Art Supplies

Hello One and All,

Had a chance to check this out on Sunday.  She has a ton of stuff she is clearing out.  If you are looking for a studio easel she has a beautiful one.  If you are a oil painter you will be in heaven.  I am just helping her out by spreading the word.  If you need more information let me know.

Take Care
Joe Hadamik



My name is Jane Lagerstrom.  My grandmother was Katrina Boothe.  She was the president of the art league in Joliet for many years.  She passed away Christmas morning.  I am in charge of her physical estate, part of which is a very extensive art studio.  She has just about every medium imaginable, including oils, pastels, pencils, chalks, textures and more.  There are loads of stretched canvases and rolls of canvas, water, drawing and tracing paper, countless brushes, pallet knives, grumbacher, oils, acrylics and more.  She has a hand crafted working easel, as well as travelling and display easels.  There is an extensive library of books, lighting and props, projectors and screens, reference and more.  There are also 85 frames, ranging in size from small to very large and ornate.  There are paintings and sketches as well. 

I would like to see these things go to folks who might appreciate it as much as she did.  I am having an estate sale this coming weekend (the 19th, 20th and 21st). 

Thanks for your time and consideration. 

~ Jane

Plainfield Art League
16108 Route 59, Suite 104
Plainfield, IL 60586